Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Concept and evolution

This solo started in the very first Late Night Choreographers 2003 as Alexa Wilson [shut up and] Dance and was about projections. It then became about about make up, making it up and making up.. in the art and heart- using dance, theatre/stand up and performance art to satirise fragile, complex, fantastical and shifting identities inside the relationship between internet/romance and audience/performer 'interactivity'. As usual there was plenty of satire to undercut seriously problematic gender interaction which plays itself across the internet and in the 'performance' of life.

Order of performances: Recent to oldest

Mau Forum- Corban Estate 08

Ladyfest (Glitches in Fantasyland)- Cross St Studios 08

Quixotic Parables- Bats Theatre Fringe 07

Violently Happy Housewives- St Paul St Gallery 06

(as Alexa Wilson [shut up and] Dance) Late Night Choreographers (1) 03- Tapac Tempo 03

All video, text and performance by: Alexa Wilson
Music by: (Fringe 06) Rap your life/Tapeboy, Gold Lion/Yeah yeah yeahs, Lotsnlotsamoney/Tapeboy, Golfer v Boxer/Amon Tobin, You make me like charity/The Knife, I'm so excited/Le Tigre.
(2008 version) Queens Pay by Black Mountain, Lotsnlotsamoney by Tapeboy, Rsdio by Autecre, Golfer v Boxer by Amon Tobin, Moving On by Yoko Ono remixed by Sleepy Jackson

Reviews of work online

Make [it] Up (with Quixotic Parables 07)-

Alexa Wilson [shut up and] Dance (LNC 03)-